Antares Tribe

Antares Tribe

Without question the most pleasant surprise in buying a new Antares is the opportunity to meet and get to know the amazing builders and owners of Antares Yachts. The company, Jeff, Rob, Salwa, Memo, Santi, Ted, James as well as and particularly all  the owners and prospective owners who have decided to make this change in their lives represent an eclectic group of personally accomplished and amazing individuals. Together we have been described as the "Antares Tribe". So far there are not many of us, but the numbers are growing, and God willing Antares Yachts will be around for years to come to add to our numbers.

Posted below are some of our photos of the builders of our boats. This is far from an exhaustive list and we look forward to expanding our album as the months unfold. May the "Tribe" Live long, love much, and laugh often!
The "Rat Pack" of Antares Yachts. Memo Castro, Jeff Woodman, Santiago Alvarez -Forn, Rob Poirier

Rob and Santi on S/V "Ona" 

Brain Storming- Rob, Ed, Santi, Jeff - Buenos Aires, Spring 2012

Karen and Jeff Woodman - S/V Ona - Buenos Aires Summer 2012

"I could get used to this!" Ed & Maite, Santi, Buenos Aires, Spring 2012

Walking the streets of San Isidro, Argentina, from left: Ed & Maite, Jeff and Rob

Putting your best foot forward, Jeff, Karen and Rob
Clearly the Tango is a bit out of reach!

Rob, Maite & Ed Buenos Aires, Spring 2012

Santi giving the "Tour"

"Wow they really are building us a boat"! Ed & Maite, San Fernando, AR, Summer 2012

Clearing AR customs for the first time. 

More Brainstorming with Jeff & Rob. Not sure what the guy in the background is doing, (don't want to know actually) 

The Deposito Belgrano experience- Maite

Getting ready for a factory tour, Spring 2013. Left to right, Phillipa & Ian (hull 4446), Rob (the co-pres), George & Kathleen, Maite (hull 4445)
Vero Beach before the Miami Triathalon and the final plunge to BA September 2013, Jason and Gail (hull 4444)
Vero Beach September 2013 Kathleen and George (hull to be announced)

Craig, Laurie, (hull 4431) Maite (hull 4445) B.B. Kings, Memphis, May 2013
Patagonia and the "Boss" (JeffWoodman)

Vero Beach September 2013, Maite & Ed (hull 4445)

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